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10 precious security tips for average users

Precautions go further than just installing a simple antivirus software and hoping for a miracle.


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1 - Do not access public Wi-Fi. If you do, avoid using sensitive data;

2 - In all the services that have two-step authentication factors, use this resource;

3 - Choose a password manager to manage and save your keys;

4 - Download apps only from official stores, such as Google Play and App Store;

5 - Read the apps’ Terms of Use and do not grant improper accesses;

6 - Suspect of miraculous offers;

7 - Avoid enabling the developer mode on your cell phone, this will ease cyber criminals’ lives;

8 - Backup or store your data in safe clouds;

9 - Use a security solution that contains geolocation so you can find your device in case it is stolen.

10 - Update your Apps, Devices and Softwares.