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Hackerrangers.com and all of its domains are owned and operated by Perallis Security. Access to or use of the platform and any information, material, data, products, services, and other materials made available on it or through it are subject to these terms and conditions and all current legislation. For these terms, a "service" is that established in the Contract, concerning the Hacker Rangers platform, and a "user" is the individual or legal entity that hires the proposed service.

Access and use of any information, material, data, products, services, and other materials made available on the platform are authorized solely for the internal business purposes of the organization you represent, and exclusively for the period specified in the Contract. It is strictly prohibited to share and/or disclose screenshots, downloads, or other ways of copying, duplication, or replication of products, services, documents, and other related materials, publicly or otherwise, outside the organization or out of regular use of the service.

Perallis Security may modify the TERMS OF USE at any time, through previous notification via email at least 30 (thirty) days in advance. If the changes significantly affect the user’s prerogatives and, as a result, they decide to terminate the use of the services, the user must notify Perallis Security within 30 (thirty) days of receiving the original notification. In this case, the user will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the unused portion of any fees paid. The continued use of the platform after the effective date of any change to the TERMS OF USE will be deemed acceptance of the



The obligations of the platform's users are:

  a) provide true, accurate, up-to-date, and complete information as requested by the registration process;

  b) ensure the confidentiality of your account password;

  c) appoint administrators to manage your account; and

  d) ensure that all activities related to the user account are in accordance with these terms and the User Terms of Use (perallis.com/solucoes/terms-of-use), especially those that obtain access due to the service, adopting corrective actions, restricting participation or other measures that it deems necessary aiming at the regular and proper use of the service.

The user is responsible for taking all necessary measures to ensure control of administrator accounts. In case of administrator accounts loss or unauthorized use, the user may request password recovery through the platform, or an email may be sent to admin@perallis.com so that Perallis can assist in recovery. If the user chooses to use the integration, Perallis will not be able to take immediate measures to recover the account; the user shall perform the recovery process while the integration remains active.

The user may appoint administrators to manage their account, as long as, when requested, satisfactory evidence is provided that demonstrates authorization to respond on behalf of the organization. Perallis Security is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from any unauthorized access caused by wilful misconduct or fault of the user.



The user is the owner of all content created and stored by him on the platform. Except in cases where there is express permission, Perallis Security does not have a license to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, or distribute the content created by the user for commercial, marketing, or any other purposes. However, Perallis Security is authorized to access, copy, distribute, store, transmit, reformat, and display the content of the user account with the sole purpose of providing the contracted service during its term.

All trademarks, logos, service marks, symbols, commercial images, and all materials provided on or through the platform are protected by copyright and industrial property law.

If the user is included in a Perallis recognition program involving the provision of a design (badge or mascot) related to Hacker Rangers, even if developed exclusively for the user, they may use the design to promote their information security awareness program, or other similar purposes, only during the term of the license to use the platform. The design development may rely on an initial briefing with the user, in which they may suggest some characteristics to be added to the project (for example, a color palette). The suggestions presented may be used as a reference, and do not bind Perallis to their strict compliance. So, the briefing will not entitle the user to request the design recreation according to the suggestions, or to use the design in any other period than that indicated above.

All materials displayed on the platfor  are of exclusive property of Perallis, and their use or display without express authorization is prohibited. The publication, display, or other provision of any content on this or any other website shall not constitute a waiver of any of Perallis' rights or interests. Except as expressly provided, nothing in these Terms of Use shall be construed as conferring any license, interest, or right under any copyright, trademark, or proprietary rights of Perallis or any third party. Unless otherwise stated, no content, in whole or in part, may be used, copied, reproduced, distributed or redistributed, published or republished, downloaded, modified, displayed, posted, transmitted, imitated, adapted, translated, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express consent of Perallis.



The mention of real and widely known images, brands, and symbols in phishing simulations serves only the educational purpose of cybersecurity awareness. It does not pose risks to users, does not constitute a link to the brands/companies eventually mentioned, and does not have a defamatory character to their reputation. The user is prohibited from using images, brands, and symbols owned by third parties in phishing simulations without their express and specific authorization.



You agree to be solely responsible for the content of your transmissions through the service and undertake not to transmit illegal, defamatory, harassing, slanderous, invasive of the privacy of others, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, pornographic, obscene or objectionable material, nor content that offends religious orientation, promotes racism, contains viruses or malicious code, or that infringes or may infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. You also commit not to transmit “junk mail”, “spam”, “chain letters”, “phishing”; or mass distribution of unsolicited emails. If any activity of the nature described herein is found, Perallis may terminate the user's access to the platform.


The Hacker Rangers licenses are offered in a “per user” format, so the contracted licenses must correspond to users that make up the hiring business staff. During the term of the contracted licenses, whether by direct contracting or through a commercial intermediary, the transfer of licenses between employees is not allowed (as, for example, selecting a new group to occupy the licenses each month), except when a user ceases to be part of the staff of the contracting business, in which case the corresponding license may be transferred to another.

During the use of the platform, the user is prohibited from:

a) transferring the service or making it available to any third party;

b) providing any service based on the platform without prior written authorization;

c) using links to third-party websites without agreeing to the terms and conditions of the respective website;

d) using logos, business names, or other elements owned by third parties, without prior written authorization;

e) publishing any personal or confidential information belonging to any person or entity without obtaining their express consent;

f) using the platform services in any way that could damage, disable, overload, weaken or impair any Perallis Security server, network, and/or computer system; and

g) creating a false identity to mislead anyone about the identity or origin of any communication.


The user, whether as their individual or legal entity, undertakes not to develop software/technological solutions for information security awareness purposes and related standards that are based on the Hacker Rangers platform, the material made available on it, its gamified essence and/or technical structure, or in any way that violates applicable copyright and industrial property legislation. It will not be considered a violation, for the purposes of this provision, commercial activities of the user pre-existing the partnership, as well as the commercialization of software and technological solutions of third parties at any time, even if they compete with the Hacker Rangers platform. Failure to comply with this provision will give the user the obligation to cease the development of software/technological solution that violates the provisions above, or to cease the commercialization of the software/technological solution developed in breach of the obligation until the violation is corrected.

Failure to comply with the use restrictions may result in a fine of up to 70% of the contract value, to be calculated in proportion to the irregularity, without prejudice to the payment of compensation for losses and damages caused.



Perallis Security and the user undertake to maintain in absolute confidentiality all information, data, and documents that may have access due to the performance of the services, and may not, under any circumstances, disclose them, assign them, donate them, pass them on, sell them, reproduce them by any means (physical or electronic), or transfer them, in any capacity, at any time and under any circumstances, even after the termination of the contract, nor to use them for their own or third parties benefit, or for a purpose other than that agreed. Perallis Security and the user must also take all necessary measures so that its employees, agents or partners are aware of the confidential nature and respect the integrity of the custody of such information, data, and documents.

In accordance with the Law No. 13.709, of August 14, 2018 (LGPD), Perallis Security and the user undertake the duty of confidentiality and secrecy regarding all information and/or personal data to which they have access as a result of the professional relationship, and must ensure that their employees, consultants and/or service providers who, in the exercise of their functions, have access and/or knowledge of the information and/or personal data processed, are themselves contractually bound to professional secrecy and data protection.



The user agrees that the platform will be used at their own risk, so they are responsible for obtaining access to the Internet and the necessary equipment compatible with its use. The user is also responsible for all content downloaded or obtained through the use of the platform and, consequently, for any damage to the computer, mobile phone or mobile device resulting from the use of the platform, except when the damage occurs through the sole fault of Perallis.

Perallis Security will not be held liable for any damage, loss of data or information, business interruption, computer failure, or any other loss caused by the temporary inability to use the service, except where Perallis Security directly contributed to the damage.

The user is solely responsible for any loss, damage, fine, or cost arising from or related to any type of violation regarding legal provisions or provisions provided by the TERMS OF USE, as well as regarding third-party rights. In any of these cases, Perallis Security, in addition to being exempt from liability and being compensated in proportion to the damage caused due to the improper use of the platform, may terminate the provision of the service by operation of law.



The service level agreement or SLA is the level of technical performance of the service proposed by Perallis Security. This agreement does not represent a reduction in Perallis Security's responsibility, but rather an indicator of technical excellence, since in computing there is no full (100%) guarantee of service level.

Provided that the user's obligations outlined in the TERMS OF USE are fulfilled, Perallis Security proposes to maintain an SLA (service level agreement or performance guarantee) for system and/or server availability of 98%. Perallis Security will be released from compliance with the SLA and, therefore, suspensions related to necessary or emergency interruptions for technical adjustments or maintenance will not be counted for compliance verification purposes. Of course, these will be carried out, preferably, during non-business hours.

Failure to reach the service level agreement aimed at by Perallis Security will result in the user's right to receive a discount on the value of the service due to Perallis Security in the percentages provided below; this discount shall be granted in the payment of the monthly installments of the subsequent months to the one in which the SLA is breached.

a) a 10% discount if the service availability time in the month is between 90% and 98%; and

b) if the service availability time is less than 90% in the current month, the user is entitled to claim the termination of the service, regardless of the granting of prior notice, and will be guaranteed the right to a proportional refund of any fees paid.

The communication of the non-compliance of the SLA must be formalized by the user with Perallis Security within a maximum period of 15 (fifteen) days from the confirmation of non-compliance; from this period on, the discount will no longer be demandable.



The Customer Success Consultant (CSC) has the mission to monitor and support the user journey, being responsible for guiding managers within the platform, instructing them on its tools and functionalities, and informing all good practices to get the best performance out of it. In addition, the Hacker Rangers CSC is the focal point of communication between the client manager and Perallis, and they are also responsible for solving and/or delegating any demands that may arise. The CSC ensures that the manager is always accompanied and guided to plan a gamified awareness program that is effective for your objectives and interesting for your users.

The CSC service will be available between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday (except holidays), through our official email, phone, and WhatsApp channels. The initial response time for requests to the CSC is up to 8 (eight) business hours, depending on the complexity of the request and the sectors involved. Atypical and/or force majeure situations may cause delays in the response period; in these cases, the period will not exceed 48 (forty-eight) hours, justifying the reason for the delay.

Requests made outside business hours will be answered on the following business day, in the service period provided for above.

Technical requests must be communicated via CSC, which will intermediate the contact between the manager and the technical support team. The response times for a technical request are stipulated, as far as possible: 

General guidelines: less than 24 (twenty-four) hours;

Affected production system: less than 4 (four) hours; and

Inactive production system: less than 1 hour.

In addition to the direct service of the CSC, answers to more common questions can be found in the FAQ area on the platform itself. The FAQ aims to streamline the manager'ss activity by offering immediate answers to frequently asked questions. Additional information that is not in the FAQ, as well as any other questions, may be obtained from the CSC.



These TERMS OF USE will remain in full force and effect during the period of use of the service, under the conditions established herein and determined in the Contract.